SerpWow - Google Search Results API
SerpWow - Google Search Results API
API for Google Search Results. Get started for free, no credit card needed, realtime results, structured JSON output.

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Real Time Results
Every request to SerpWow runs immediately. No queues, no waiting for results. Each API request runs in a full browser so you can be sure SerpWow will deliver exactly the same results as a human user would see.

Reliable & Robust
The SerpWow API is battle tested and can be depended on for mission-critical deployment scenarios. Tens of millions of requests are served by the platform across thousands of customers every day.

Accurate Locations
The SerpWow Locations API allows you to get results from anywhere in the world. SerpWow routes your request through a vast global proxy network to a server nearest the specified location to ensure accuracy.

JSON or HTML Results
SerpWow parses the results page into clean structured JSON. Organic Results, Maps, Local, Stories and the Knowledge Graph. For each result SerpWow parses related links, addresses, reviews, rich snippets and much more! SerpWow also returns the full HTML of the search results page.




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