Clipchamp video API
Clipchamp video API
Use this API to embed a button on your site or in your web app to let users record, compress, convert & upload videos to you.

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Videos your visitors submit to you get processed on the client device inside the browser and uploaded from there to the upload target you nominate. Video files don't get routed through or processed on Clipchamp servers for better privacy protection.

Client-side video conversion and compression creates video files in 1 standard format before the upload, which means reduced transcoding costs and infrastructure complexity.

In addition, the Clipchamp API works on desktop and mobile and is cross-browser compatible. No additional plugins are required, it's built to work in any modern browser where HTML5 camera APIs and accessing the webcam and microphone of a client-device through JavaScript are supported.




video recorder, HTML5 camera, JavaScript webcam, video transcoding


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