Pairaphrase Translation
Pairaphrase Translation
Language translation API for busy executives and teams that need to efficiently produce secure translations on behalf of their organization.

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The Pairaphrase API is for developers who need access to professional language translation technology made easy for everyday business users. For example, busy executives and teams that need to produce translations on behalf of their organization.

Pairaphrase is a productivity tool that makes the human translation process fast and easy using the power of machine translation and professional translation technology. What’s more, it encrypts all data entered into the app so that confidential business information is protected.

Pairaphrase does not replace human translation. Instead, it facilitates secure, high-quality translation by doing the following.

- It uses machine translation and translation memory to translate your files quickly (as a 1st draft).
-Then, it's up to the user to share (using the "share" feature inside Pairaphrase) the translated files with bilingual users inside and/or outside their organizations to edit the translations within Pairaphrase.
-When this is done correctly, Pairaphrase learns human-translated words and phrases so that you never need to translate the same phrases or sentences twice.
-All translation data is encrypted and two-factor authentication is available to provide data security.

The following features are included in the API:

→ Translation Memory (Learns User Words & Phrases)
→ Automatic File Formatting Preservation (Retain Images, Font, Spacing, Etc.)
→ Simultaneous Multi-File Translation
→ Translation of 22 File Types (Including PDF's)
→ Voice Over Translation (For E-Learning Videos & More)
→ Spell-Checker
→ Collaboration & Sharing
→ Translation Editing & User Edit History
→ Machine Translation
→ 3,249 Language Pairs
→ 57 Languages (Including All Common Commercial Languages)
→ Data Security (Encrypted Translations & Two-Factor Authentication)

Pairaphrase is cloud-based translation management software with data security. Pairaphrase can cut users' translation production time in half. This in turn helps organizations reduce their translation-related costs.




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