Subtitle tools
Subtitle tools
Set of subtitles tools - convert formats, change encoding, synchronise (time shift, change FPS), detect language, detect encoding

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With subtitles API, you will be able to obtain basic information about subtitles (closed captions), convert them to other formats, change frame-rate or shift the time.
Supported API functions:
- convert subtitles format
- convert subtitles encoding
- change subtitles FPS
- shift subtitles (positive or negative sync)
- subtitle format detection
- subtitle text language detection
- count words
- count characters
- get first and last timestamp
- remove markup language
- text extraction from subtitles
...more to come!

Supported subtitles formats:
"srt" (SubRip text file format)
"sub" (MicroDVD subtitle file format)
"xml", (TTML, Timed Text Markup Language)
"yml", (Ruby internal SubtitleIt YAML)
"rsb", (Ruby Subtitle Format)
"mpl", (Mplayer2 Subtitle format)
"webvtt", (The Web Video Text Tracks Format)
"dfxp", (Distribution Format Exchange Profile)
"txt", (Extracted text from subtitles)




subtitles, closed captions, movie, tv, series, episode, convert, language detect


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