10Duke File+ API
10Duke File+ API
10Duke File+ API allows for seamless storage, conversion and management of media files in the cloud: video, audio, image, CAD and more.

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File+ allows you to take control of your media ingest, management and output. With modern applications increasingly relying on different types of media to engage with their users - video, photos, audio or CAD models - ensuring that this media is in the correct format, optimised for display on different Internet-connected devices, and can be integrated from a variety of sources, all relying on an effective media processing service. File+ is that service.


- Can be applied to most types of media: audio, images, video, CAD files, pdfs, and more.
- Cloud-based, on demand service that can grow with your needs.
- Can be used in server-side applications, desktop applications and mobile applications.
- Available via a RESTful endpoint.

The AWS S3 API doesn't offer conversion features as well as file management features so with File+ you arguably get more out of the box. If you wanted to run a hybrid cloud, using AWS S3 but also another set of storage servers, you could use File+ to manage both.




file plus, 10duke, media management, media processing, pdf, audio, images, video, CAD, media conversion, AWS S3


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