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Spotify Apps

Spotify Apps introduce you to a new way of creating music apps! Using next-generation web technologies, we've made it easy for developers to integrate and extend the experience in the Spotify desktop client. This is a new and innovative way of giving You the power to influence how to discover and experience music!


The libspotify C API package allows third-party developers to write applications that utilize the Spotify music streaming service. Hopefully, this will enable and inspire you to build some really cool stuff. We're looking forward to seeing what you can come up with.

Spotify Play Button

Add the Spotify Play Button to your blog, website or social page and light it up with music. Putting a soundtrack to your website has never been this easy. You can feature any song, album or playlist. All your fans have to do is hit play to enjoy the music.

Metadata API

The Spotify Play Button enables you to embed any piece of Spotify content on your website. The Metadata API may be used to explore Spotify's music catalogue.




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