Social Scanner
Social Scanner
Monitor social media fraud and uncover possible bot accounts in real-time across 20 social networks with links to each profile in JSON.

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Search for any user across 22 social media sites in under 30 seconds. We’re working on supporting 157 more social networks. Please reach out by email to if you have feedback or suggestions! See our other products at

Social Scanner is a tool that scans social networks (and other sites) for the existence of a specified username.

Currently we scan:

1. Facebook
2. GitHub
3. Reddit
4. VK
5. Twitter
6. Instagram
7. Twitch
8. Ebay
9. SoundCloud
10. Pinterest
11. Spotify
12. Medium
13. Roblox
14. SlideShare
15. DailyMotion
16. Trello
17. Steam
18. Scribed
20. DeviantART
We’re working on adding 157 more sites and adding additional features like category-based searches.




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