TollGuru Toll REST
TollGuru Toll REST
Use Tollguru API to calculate gas & toll cost for all vehicle types, all road types. See cheapest & fastest routes. Integrate with any maps

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TollGuru Toll API service
• calculates tolls before and after the trip (by sending GPS tracks)
• calculates other costs for route (such as fuel expenses and for trucks labor expenses, other costs)
• provides the cheapest, the fastest and other compromise routes between the origin, destination and waypoints

The API provides toll information for all vehicle considering height, weight and axle counts (cars, SUV, pick-up, carpool, rideshare, taxi, truck (2-axles to 9-axles), motorcycle, bus, motorhome / RV, limousines).

The API provides commercial truck routing that meets the regulatory requirements such as HAZMAT route restrictions, Hours of Service (HOS), etc. It provides mileage information for each of the states and provinces in United States and Canada.

Toll API is map independent. Users can upload a route polyline from mapping providers such as Google, Bing, MapBox, Apple Map, HERE, TomTom, Waze, ESRI, MapQuest, JawgMaps, Trimble, PTV, MapmyIndia, Yandex, Michelin, Baidu, Gaode and receive toll information specific to the time of travel, payment type, vehicle type and vehicle characteristics such as axle count, height and weight.

Currently the API is available in the following countries: in North America - USA ,Canada, Mexico; in Europe - UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Germany; in Latin America - Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Chile; India and Australia.




Mapping, Transport & Logistics, Artificial Intelligence, Fleet Management, Optimal Routing


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