IdealSpot GeoLocation Demographic & Market Data
IdealSpot GeoLocation Demographic & Market Data
Hyperlocal Demographics, Vehicle Traffic, Economic, Market Signals, and More.

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Use this API as your local economy microscope by querying IdealSpot hyperlocal market insight and geometry data. We offer the most precise, extensive, and frequently-updated local market data in the US. Our data is available across the entire US and can be queried at geographic scales ranging from the micro (Census block) through the macro (nation).

Better data and analysis leads to a better understanding of local market opportunities and risks. Integrate with your commercial real estate and marketing applications, machine learning workflows, and other investment analytics.

Our goal is to offer the most complete snapshot of the geographically distributed consumer and retail economy. We start with the fundamentals of consumers and business establishments. To connect retailers with consumers, we provide mobility data like vehicle traffic and mobile device data. To describe consumer intent, we provide geolocated digital marketing data.

We believe that accurate capital allocation through reliable local market data is foundational to creating robust, healthy, and livable communities for all. We hope you and your clients find tremendous value in this service.


Query data and GeoJSON geometries at these scales for any US latitude and longitude:Rings (0.5 km+)

  • Drive time (1-60 minutes)
  • Bike time (3-60 minutes)
  • Walk time (5-60 minutes)
  • Public transit time (5-60 minutes)
  • Administrative region (US, states, core-based statistical areas, counties, Census-designated places, Census tracts, zip codes, Census block groups, opportunity zones)


  • age - Median age and age brackets by gender.
  • age-trends - Historical and projected population by age bracket
  • ancestry - Ancestry
  • avg-home-value - Average home value over time.
  • crime -Crime indicies across several categories
  • daytime-population - Conventionally, daytime population is equated to the number of the employees in an area. However, that number does not capture stay-at-home parents, students, and retired or unemployed individuals.
  • education - Current year education levels.
  • employee-categories - Number of employees by business category
  • employees - Quarterly historical total number of employees (often referred to as daytime population).
  • establishment-categories - Number of businesses by category
  • establishments - Quarterly historical total number of establishments.
  • ethnicity - Current year ethnicity proportions.
  • gdp - Quarterly historical gross domestic product estimates.
  • gender - Current year gender populations.
  • generations - Age generations
  • home-value - Median home value and home value buckets
  • household-income - The total amount all members of a household earn.
  • household-size - Number of people per households
  • households - Historical counts and forecasts of number of households in an area.
  • housing-ownership - Home renters, owners, and vacancies.
  • language - Language
  • market-context - Common market overview metrics.
  • market-gap - Market gaps by category
  • market-void - Businesses we expect to exist but do not.
  • mortgage-risk - Number of mortgages and their risks on a 1 to 5 scale.
  • occupation - Describes the occupations of residents in the trade area.
  • residential-population - Historical, current and forecasted number of people living in houses and apartments within a trade area.
  • salaries- Salary/Wage per Employee per Annum
  • seasonal-population - Population residing in a housing unit specifically designated as seasonal housing, like a summer cottage or winter chalet.
  • social - Expressed interest on social media within the location's trade area by business category.
  • spending - Weekly expenditures per product.
  • transient-population - Population residing in a hotel or RV (Recreational Vehicle) for at least 1 night.
  • vehicles-per-hh - Number of vehicles available per household
  • youth-age - Yearly age counts up to 21 by gender
  • search - Search engine searches within a location's trade area by business category.




location, demographic, geodata


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