Distance Matrix API
Distance Matrix API
Calculate, evaluate and plan your routes to improve customer experience and business efficiency

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Distancematrix.ai is a Ukrainian fast-growing startup in the Artificial intelligent field. We provide products for developers such as Distance Matrix API, Places API, and Geocode.
Our main product Distance Matrix API is an alternative to Google Maps Distance Matrix API, but it is much cheaper and has more advantages. For example, we reduced delivery time
by 10% for 966.ua food delivery company and almost 5 times reduced costs on calculating distances for several European companies.

Main features of the API:
Accounts for traffic conditions, traffic jams, and restrictions
Distances are calculated to account for driving, walking, or bicycling
Departure and arrival time option is used to build a forecast
Unlimited matrix size
Easy migration, you have just to switch endpoint

If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you, please visit our website:
You can also request for a free trial and test the API yourself here: https://distancematrix.ai/contact




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