Retrieve BPAY Biller Details
Retrieve BPAY Biller Details
API for Australian BPAY Payments: Retrieve BPAY Biller Details API looks up the details of a BPAY Biller.

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BPAY offers Australians fast, secure and trusted bill payments. We make it easy to pay bills of over 45,000 businesses anytime directly through the internet, mobile or phone banking of over 150 Financial Institutions in Australia.

This API service provides you and your customers the ability to validate biller codes included in BPAY Payments before the payments are submitted to the bank for processing.

This API service retrieves BPAY Billers Short Name, BPAY Biller Long Name, Industry (ANZSIC) Code, Variable Customer Reference Number Indicator, Valid Length(s) of Customer Reference Number and Accepted Payment Methods for a supplied Biller Code.

Terms and Conditions apply. We may request further information in connection with your application. You may be required to complete API Certification before we provide you access to the Production APIs




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