QuantumDigital’s Direct Mail and Print Ship APIs Our APIs make sending your customer’s direct mail and print ship orders fast and easy.

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QuantumDigital’s APIs make navigating the postal service, securing national consumer and business lists, uploading your own designs or lists, and shipping small order marketing materials a breeze. Our APIs not only automate these processes but also provide you with an affordable low cost per piece pricing model.

Need 5 reasons to help your customers acquire new customers and further differentiate their local business (source, Infogroup, 2018)?

Direct mail and print materials influence purchasing decisions (58% of consumers say they open and read direct mail offers)

Direct mail outperforms online display when it comes to ROI (mail has a 41% ROI versus online display advertising at 20% ROI)

Direct mail resonates with women and baby boomers (women are 2.4 X times likely to enjoy mail promotions and print offers versus online)

Consumers respond to direct mail abandoned shopping cart and holiday offers (direct mail response rates can be 9X higher than paid search, social media, and online display ads)

Local messaging is compelling when used in direct mail (30% of consumers say that say featuring a local business or restaurant in direct mail or print materials is crucial to capture their attention)




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