Dropbox Core API
Dropbox Core API
The Core API allows you to build the power of Dropbox directly into your app.
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The Core API allows you to build the power of Dropbox directly into your app. It provides methods to read from and write to Dropbox, so your users can bring all their important files with them to your app. You'll also have access to unique and powerful features such as simple sharing, search, and restoring files to past revisions.

Why Dropbox?

The Core API is the most robust way to read and write files across Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Android devices. By using the API, not only will you make your app more powerful and easy to use, but you'll be broadening your audience to the hundreds of millions of people who are already using Dropbox. We've provided native development kits for the most popular mobile and web platforms to make integrating simple, and a REST API so you can be sure that your app will work with Dropbox no matter what you're developing for in the future.

Learn the API

Ready to get started? We'll guide you through authentication and some of the most common functions of the Dropbox SDKs. If your favorite platform isn't listed below, follow the Python tutorials to get a general idea of how things work, and then check out our REST API to implement your own library.




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